The eight edition of World Water Forum expects 37 thousand participants, with 7 thousand being panelists and 40 thousand being visitors.

In a global perspective, it is the only event that promotes the junction of institutional, political, technical, academic and commercial interests regarding the theme.

The Forum in Brazil will respect the main characteristic of Brazilians: innovation.

Participants of the 8th World Water Forum will be granted exclusive access to the Expo, with an estimated public of 7 thousand people. This venue will be dedicated to country and company stands, who wish to sell products or services exclusively to other companies and governments, countries, states, municipalities and universities.



The Fair of the 8th World Water Forum is an area to with free, open access to the public. Institutions interested in displaying their products, services and solutions to businesses, consumers, Governments, society, University.

From the social point of view, the Fair can be seen as a showcase for revealing to society the solutions and actions being executed to ensure the quality and sustainable use of water.