Citizen Village 

The Citizen Village is designed by Citizen Forum Process. This is a free, open space for the public of the 8th World Water Forum. There, people will be able to take part in educational, cultural, interactive, sensory and dialogue-building activities aimed at improving the use of water. This is a space for all who wish to participate.

The goal of the Village is to raise awareness, public attention and social participation concerning water-related issues, in addition to promoting innovative solutions for the problems that citizens face in their daily lives.

The Citizen Village is an area for everyone! Young people, adults and children. The Brazilian society, as well as all visitors from other countries, can enjoy an aggregating and interactive environment where the central theme is the conscious use of water.

The structure of the Citizen Village includes an entertaining exhibition filled with technology, locations for lectures, outdoor cinema, handicrafts and artistic performances. There will be also a gourmet food plaza.

The Citizen Village will also have special cinema sessions from the 19 to the 22 of March distributed in three daily screenings. Twelve full-length and about thirty national and foreign short films referring to the conservation and use of water will be shown. The jury of the Green Film Festival, organized by the Filmambiente Film Festival, selected the films to be screened.